Cultivate Wellness provides acupuncture and bodywork for women and men, 5 days a week and evening hours.

Our Specialties:

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Care – We help alleviate common discomforts of pregnancy: pain in the back, pelvis, legs and pubic symphysis, nausea, swelling, heartburn, constipation, fatigue, headaches… you name it, we can help. Looking for assistance with baby positioning, breech presentation, labor preparation, low milk supply or baby blues – we can support you with acupuncture, bodywork, herbal formulas and connections to the other great providers in this clinic, all under one roof.
  • Pain Relief – Acupuncture is best known and scientifically shown to be extremely effective in treating pain. By improving circulation, relaxing muscles and down-regulating the nervous system to allow the body to focus on healing, we can help see you through acute injuries or long standing pain conditions, and even off set side-effects of medications used for pain management.
  • Internal Medicine – The body’s innate ability to heal and thrive is largely dependent upon the availability of the nervous system, and sometimes just getting thru the day can seem like a marathon of stresses, distracting the body from it’s ability to feel and function well. Acupuncture can help redirect your body’s energy to support you in your fertility goals, digestive functioning, solid sleeping, decreased anxiety and overall happy well being.
  • Wellness – Once you try it, you just might get hooked! Many people see us on a regular basis because it helps them stay on track, address small problems before they get big, and feel productive and in-tune in their lives. We’re fun people to hang out with and we provide wonderful treatments. Regular acupuncture is an outstanding habit to make.

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