Courtney Marin

Acupuncture & Bodywork

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Courtney Marin was introduced to Chinese Medicine as a young teenager and became eagerly fascinated with it. Having grown up with folk medicine and East Asian traditions, it was not a far stretch for it to become a way of life. Courtney spent her formative years traveling to India on several occasions to study and practice yoga. She was a full-time yoga instructor and body worker before she took the plunge into becoming a full-time practitioner of Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM).

She has always had an inclination toward the ethereal and focuses on the psycho-emotional relationship between our bodies and how it manifests as physical dis-ease. She sees the obstacles that present themselves as an opportunity to become more aware of how we live through the choices we make and how we relate to Life itself. Her treatments include a hands on approach with a Japanese style influence.

Courtney Graduated from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California in 2014 and recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest. When not in the treatment room, she enjoys spending time in and with nature, on a yoga mat or being engaged in other practices, having some sort of adventure~ big or small, and likely with a cup of hot tea.

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