Dr. Jess Barr Desbrow


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Dr. Jess founded Growing Care in 2007, and is gifted in working with people of all ages, starting in the first few days of life.  While focused on looking at the whole picture, she listens carefully, clearly communicates with her patients, and is a pleasure to be around.  Raising her own children now, her practice focus and expertise is on supporting healthy growing families.

Dr. Jess has taken advanced coursework focused on pregnancy, pediatrics, craniosacral therapy, and low force adjusting and muscle therapy techniques.

She is certified in the Webster technique, intended toward optimizing fetal positioning and enabling a smooth labor and delivery.  She loves seeing mothers through comfortable pregnancies, treating newborns, siblings, and making sure dad and all the caretakers are in their finest form.

Dr. Jess thrives in the outdoors and loves to mountain bike, telemark ski, rock climb and kiteboard. In the old days, she has been competitive in running, triathlons, soccer, basketball and ultimate frisbee.Previously, she worked for seven years in the field of education, as an Outward Bound instructor, a high school health teacher, learning specialist, rock climbing coach and whitewater kayaking coach.

In the day to day, Dr. Jess loves to bike around town with her flowered basket, play guitar and inspire others to sing LOUD, spend lots of time romping in the gorge, zipline whenever possible, and have wild dance parties with her kiddos.

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