Kelsey Stang

Naturopathic Physician

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Hello! I’m Kelsey Stang.  I am a graduate of National University of Natural Medicine and have a doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine.  My interest in seeking my own optimal health originated during my youth immersed in athletics as a competitive softball player.  When that career came to a close while competing and studying at UC San Diego, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training to learn a new perspective on the body and movement.  While learning more about yoga, a door of perspectives opened and I immediately knew alternative care and nourishing others toward their optimal health was the path I wanted my life to travel.

During school I completed extensive training in advanced gynecology, fertility, environmental medicine, IV therapy, gastroenterology, nutrition and diabetes management. Among all of those interests, one of my biggest passions is supporting women and families through healthy conception, pregnancies and the transition to a new family including postpartum health.  Additionally, I have been fortunate to study under Dr. Jennifer Curtiss since 2014 and have completed advanced trainings in methylation defects, nutrigenomics and functional medicine.

I continue to teach yoga here in Portland which, over the years, has included private instruction and leading wellness programs.  My husband and I have two young children who continually inspire and teach us the most valuable lessons of our lives, thus far.

In health & happiness,
Kelsey Stang
NUNM Naturopathic Medical Graduate, 2016