Kendra Romer

Student Midwife

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Kendra has been actively studying birth and midwifery since 2012. She apprenticed with a naturopathic midwife at a birth center in San Luis Obispo, California before deciding to move to Portland in 2014. She feels birth encompasses the experiences in life that she is most passionate about such as relationship, anatomy, physiology, science, love and family. For Kendra, studying and attending birth is like sitting at the gate of life and learning a new way each and every time. Following the path of midwifery allows her to use her skills, traits, and education in the greatest way possible.

Kendra is originally from California. She has a bachelor of science in psychology, with an emphasis in child development. Additionally, her postgraduate studies and certifications include doula work, yoga teacher training, massage and Ayurveda. Kendra spent a year traveling alone around India, SE Asia, and China. She says that living and traveling abroad cultivated not only an education beyond books, but compassion and understanding for the many different ways one can live and flourish in life.

Kendra is honored to be part of the Flourish Midwifery team and working towards her certification in professional midwifery. Kendra looks forward to meeting you and your loved ones! You can also call Portland Family Health at 503-777-0444.

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