Mitch Bacon


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For the past 10 years, Mitch has been working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families in a number of different therapeutic settings. Fresh out of college, he logged extensive time working in the Idaho desert as a wilderness therapy master instructor, guiding the healing processes of countless individuals and families in distress. The time in Idaho was extremely formative for him personally and professionally, as he found that when people learned to exist together in nature, free from the outside distractions of modern civilization, the human spirit can be awakened and resilient.

Mitch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The Colorado College and a Master of Arts in Marriage, Couples, & Family Therapy from Lewis & Clark College. The therapeutic approaches he draws from in his practice include: narrative therapy, ecopsychology, mindfulness, experiential, structural family therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and horticultural therapy.

His most significant work as of late has been keeping up with his two young sons.
Fathering them has created a vibrancy to life and he cherishes the gift of watching them grow for years to come.

Along with his partner, Allie, he spends time in the garden, hiking, cooking, reading, playing soccer, and riding bikes.

Ground is the result of his efforts to seek a way to bring a nature-based component to the urban therapy practice setting.

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