Women’s Wellness & Midwifery

We provide individualized, evidence-based midwifery and women’s health care. We love working with clients as they are planning their family and throughout their pregnancy and postpartum, whether they are welcoming their baby at home or in the hospital. We delight in attending home and water births. We also offer comprehensive women’s health and wellness services including annual exams, family planning, sexual health screenings, and evaluation of common women’s health concerns.


  • Gentle and unhurried women’s health exams
  • Thorough evaluation of female concerns
  • Personal family planning and fertility support (including IUI)
  • Compassionate prenatal care
  • Mindful presence during birth
  • Patient postpartum and newborn care in your home

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Meet the Providers


Nicole Bendotoff, CPM


Alisha Madrone, NP, CNM


Kendra Romer, SM